Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bachelor's Kitchen- TOOLS

It's TUESDAY and you know what that means. Our weekly feature The Bachelor's Kitchen is back! A friend of mine,your typical NYC bachelor (single, mid 30's socialite) recently purchased the DeLonghi Panini Press. My first reaction was "what a waste of money, that thing is just going to collect dust on the counter". Boy, have I never been more wrong in my life!!! The DeLonghi Panini Press is amazing! I've seen him make Hot Dogs, Grill Cheeses, Bacon,Grilled Chicken Breast, Salmon - everything comes out Fantastic! I was amazed. The difference with the Panini Press is the grates are on both sides and get super hot, which allows the food to develop a crispy crust. I so far have only tried the Delonghi Brand (manufacturer's feel free to send me your machine to try) its really practical.Try using different cheese and breads for something spectacular- I recently made a Triple Decker Turkey Melt w/ Bacon and Jack Cheese on Ciabatta Bread. It's my go to machine for pumping out quesadillas- pics above! Guys, try it out and tell me what cool stuff you're cooking on your press!


  1. Great post. The panini press is actually a great gift idea for single guys (including those in college), too.

  2. Panini Press is great for Everyone, Press Away!!!!