Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bachelor's Kitchen

I get cooking questions from my boyfriend and his friends all the time. From "how do you make sauce" to "how do you know if the milk is bad" or "what's a quick recipe for fish"? So I am officially dedicating my Tuesday blogs to cooking for the Bachelor. Each Tuesday, I'll be posting easy gourmet recipes that you can make  with nothing more than two burners and a toaster oven. Yes, I said the toaster oven! Think Tuscan Broiled Shrimp, Stuffed Lobster Tails, Mac and Cheese Bakes , all made in right in your toaster oven. Feel free to email me with all your cooking questions, too!

Wondering how I came up with this idea? Well after offering to cook my new boyfriend a romantic dinner at his apartment I realized I had to be inventive due to the limited space resources. Anyone living in a big city apartment knows all about tight cooking spaces! I was well prepared having worked as a caterer for many years, see the richer the client the more outrageous the party they want to throw.During my catering days, I found myself setting up make shifts ovens in art galleries, museums and yes even pool halls.  Now all I could think is that this two burner stove top, microwave and toaster oven- had nothing on me!

So it began, my quest to cook Michelin Star deserving meals in a space no bigger than a broom closet. I really had to consolidate my recipes because you can't be boiling tons of pots on the stove when you only have two burners! I started making pan sauces for chicken or what I like to call one pot wonders. Cooking in the batchelor's kitchen has to require not only minimal ingredients but also minimal clean up! I streamlined the recipes so much so that my Hunny was able to replicate the meals himself in a snap.

So I dare you guys to throw away the take-out menus and whip out your pans (or pan if you only have one) and take charge of your kitchens. Now I ask you, what's your kitchen S.OS.??

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