Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Exploring Fondant

If you're anything like me then you too have becomed obsessed with tv's portrayal of bakers and they're outrageous cakes. You too at home can recreate some out of this world cakes with nothing more than some ready made fondant and a few simple tools.

First things first, you really want to focus on your cake decorating skills so do yourself a favor start with some cake mix and save yourself the time of baking a cake from scratch-that can become a full day diy project in itself!

Purchase some cutters to add easy polished designs to your cake and fondant dye to color your white fondant. Begin by baking and cooling your cake. Then crumb coat with store bought icing, next get ready to roll out your fondant. You will need to dust both your rolling pin and surface with confectioners sugar.

Warm the fondant for a few seconds in the microwave and begin to roll out. Lay fondant over cake and smooth with your hands (dust hands with sugar too). Use the excess fondant for your cut outs, add some icing to the back of the deigns then paste onto your cake. Go crazy, have fun,let the kids help while you're at it!

So cut out that craft store coupon from your Sunday circular and get baking!

Check back tomorrow for some more love from NYC Cooks.

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