Monday, February 8, 2010

Morimoto NYC- Dining Out

On a recent night in the Big Apple I decided to drop by Morimoto NYC (I'm in black to the left of Chef Morimoto himself) what I found was a super hot restaurant with a great vibe and of course Iron Chef Status cuisine. Although Morimoto's may be hard to find (the super posh spot has no sign outside), it is located at 88th 10th Avenue in Manhattan.
The restaurant is very sheik with clean lines and seems like the perfect setting for a Sex in the City scene. The White Lily (Morimoto's signature cocktail) is a must.It's smooth, refreshing and a perfect way to begin the night.Everything coming from the kitchen looked amazing but this is The Iron Chef we're talking about!

The service is impeccable. Recognizing it was girls' night out, as we waited for the second course to be served our seats were moved to the more "buzzing" side of the restaurant. 

I recommend ordering the spicy king crab roll, it's super huge and almost too heavy for chopsticks. If you're looking for a more exotic plate, try the "Surf & Turf". Each blissful bite (Note, the whole dish may be four bites total) will have you saying ooh's and aah's.The kobe filet is served alongside herbed baby potatoes and fresh avocado with citrus (made tableside).

The next time your looking for the Manhattan dining experience visit Moriomoto's but be sure to make reservations in advance. Who knows you may even be able to catch a glimpse of Chef Morimoto himself, I did! Stop by tomorrow for more tips and tricks from NYC Cooks.


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