Friday, February 26, 2010

No Frilly Cakes-Please!

You know I really can't get over how difficult it is to find manly looking bithday cakes! I watch all these cake shows and no matter who the celebrity baker may be they're always making hot pink and polka dot tiered cakes, that scream girly. Great for TV, totally inappropriate for a son, boyfriend, father or husband's birthday- right? The challenge gets even harder for me because my significant other is not a fondant fan, so creating a whimsical design of fondant icing is out of the question. So here is my late night attempt at creating a masqueline but fun looking birthday cake for my sweetie. Most importantly it tastes divine- a triple layer, chocolate fudge cake loaded with chocolate mousse- mmmm. Happy Birthday to You!


  1. I agree, there are not many cake design options for the guys. This cake looks delicious!