Monday, February 22, 2010

Clean as You Go- Product Review

I love to cook but I hate the mess! A general kitchen rule by us chefs is "clean as you go" so the mess is minimal and your working area stay neat and tidy.No matter how you dish it up you're always left withe somthing to wipe down. I'm always looking for helpful products to assit me. I recently purchased the Shark Steam Pocket Mop to help me out with the chore I detest the most "mopping"(boo). I figure anything that can help make the worst chore ever easier is worth a shot and I like that it sanitizes too. The Shark Steam Pocket is light, ready to use 30 seconds after plugging in and gets in all the corners. I love this mop but don't throw out your old school mop and bucket yet. The Shark Steam Pocket is great for tidying up the tiles after cooking a good meal but you're still going to have to do the heavy duty scrub every now and then- Damn!

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