Thursday, February 11, 2010

Old School meets New School- Stuffed Meatballs

It told you yesterday - I love stuffed dishes and I'm always looking to spin a new twist on an old favorite. My grandma's fried meatballs, they are the best meatballs on earth.
I tell you  no one makes fried meatballs like my grandma. My Granny's from Rome, Italy - you can't get more authentic than her. At 90 yrs. old  God Bless, she's still making meatballs! They have a crispy crust with a soft inside. I've had meatballs that could be used as a deadly weapon, they're so friggin hard! No, not Granny's and she makes them so flavorful loaded with- well sorry I can't tell you what they're loaded with but just know they are TASTY!So I am not giving you her recipe- no way you'd have to kill me first. What I will give you is a new idea to step up your culinary game.
I'm taking Granny's meatballs and stuffing them with bites of fontina cheese. If you've never used Fontina before, you have to start. It melts amazingly! I love the fact that the cheese is stuffed inside so from the looks of it they seem like your regular fried meatball, until you take the first bite and surprise!!!
Go on take your favorite meatball recipe and switch it up a bit, let me know how they turn out!!

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