Monday, March 1, 2010

Bobby's Burger Palace- Restaurant Review

After a fun day of shopping at the Smith Haven Mall, I dropped by Bobby's Burger Palace, a signature restaurant of Chef Bobby Flay himself. Located at 355 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, NY 11755. Bobby's Burger Palace is a laid back, casual dining spot that serves up some seriously delicious gourmet burgers.If the burger was not enough to win you over the variety of specialty side sauces will!. Forget about plain old ketchup here (they serve that too), Chef Bobby Flay offers Chipolte Ketchup, Jalapeno Pepper Sauce, Spicy Burger Sauce to name a few. I ordered the L.A. Burger - a juicy beef burger topped with Avocado Relish, Watercress, Cheddar Cheese and Tomato- it was out of this world!! Plus a side order of fresh French Fries- delish! Bobby's burgers are super meaty (no fillers here) and the fries are served sizzeling hot- just the right ratio of potato to crunch- Fabulous!! Get there & see for youself how good it is. O' the best part - No Reservations Needed, Cheers!

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