Monday, March 15, 2010

Chicken Serenade- Italian Style Chicken Stuffed w/ Sauteed Spinach, Fresh Mozzarella -Topped w/a Touch of Marinara Sauce

Ahh one of my signature recipes Chicken Serenade- I love this recipe so much! All of the ingredients work so beautifully together it's as if they are all coming together on the plate to serenade the chicken - hence the name I gave the dish. Chicken Serenade is a very delicate dish, composed of sliced chicken breast thinly pounded with a mallet (see video) then in classic Italian fashion breaded and pan sauteed only to be topped with fresh sauteed spinach,mozzarella -rolled, baked and topped with a touch of homemade marinara sauce. Serve this to your family tonight and watch them serenade you with praise!
Watch my quick demo on using a meat mallet to get the most thinly sliced chicken breast ever!

(1)lb thinly sliced chicken breast-see video

(2) cups of Plain Breadcrumbs
(2) eggs beaten  for dredging
(1/2) cup of olive pil for frying
(1/2) cup of pecorino romano cheeese
Salt & Pepper
(1) pound of sliced fresh mozzarella
(1) bag of spinach sauteed with garlic and olive oil -
(2) cups of homemade marinara suace -( recipe for sauce will debut 3/21/2010)
Begin to Heat Oil in sautee pan
Add pecorino to eggs- beat well and set aside
Dredge Chicken in egg then breadcrumb
Pan Fry in hot oil- set aside on papertowel to soak up excess oil
Place small mound of spinach and one peice of cheese on chicken
Roll and secure with bamboo toothpick

Place in 400 degree for five minutes or until cheese melts
Top with Homemade marinara sauce and Enjoy!


  1. OMG! it makes me so hungry! and here in buenos aires is dinner time!

  2. Juliana- well then you have a perfect reason to give this recipe a try!!!