Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Host a Cooking Party

Hosting a party can seem like a major ordeal or it could be the perfect opportunity to bring together some of your nearest and dearest for a fun filled evening. I choose the latter, having friends and fam over is always a blast. First start off with a theme, a popular choice has been cooking parties. Now streamline the idea and think along the lines of a pasta party, sushi party or martini party- I have been hired out to work these parties before so I know from experience they are all themes which work well.
 Next I recommend printing up brochures, write up the recipes for the dishes you will be cooking so your guests can easily follow along, this helps to keep the night flowing- plus it makes a cute momento. It's also fun to make up personalized aprons or serve a signature cocktail to help pull the party together. I'm seeing more and more "cooking parties" popping up. A recent episode of the The Real Houswives of Orange County featured the ladies hosting their own cooking event with a hired private chef. The Ladies got pretty twisted and I think the chef wound up doing most of the cooking but anyhow it looked awesome- funny party is I was being hired for these kinds of parties long before reality shows were even around!

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