Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lucky Star- Brooklyn Take-Out

Chinese take-out places- they're everywhere but there is only one LUCKY STAR located at 2149 Knapp Street, Brooklyn, NY, (718) 332-5282‎. I have to say this is some of the best chinese take-out I ever had. I know i"m gonna have to battle it out w/ a few of my friends on this choice but I think it's one of Brooklyn's best! Seriously the place looks a total dive but don't you know those are the places with the best food! The wonton soup is super tasty and they're pork fried rice can't be beat! If you're looking to watch the waistline any dish can be preared steamed with sauce on the side, it's that easy!
 The Best Fried Egg Roll- Crispy on the outside, Flaky/Chewy Inside & Stuffed w/ Pork n Veggies
Delicious Chinese BBQ Boneless Spare Ribs w/ That Yummy Pork Fried Rice
On a Healthier Note- Steamed  Chicken & Veggies
Brookyln's Best Wonton Soup
If you really couldn't help but stuff your face- No problem here's one of my fave workouts to burn off the rolls (egg rolls that is):