Thursday, March 11, 2010

Man vs Food- hits up my hometown BROOKLYN L&B SPUMONI GARDENS & BRENNAN & CARR

If you're from Brooklyn you know L&B famous for their spumoni ices and Square Pie.brennar & Carr for their double dipped roast beef sandwiches. Well Man vs Food must of heard too because he hit up L&B  and Brennan & Carr for a challenge which aired last night on at 8pm on the Travel Challenge! Check it out:


  1. L&B is the best square pizza ever! That's where I met my wife.

  2. I would really like to visit some of the places Adam does. As a Dish Network employee I love the fact that I am able to come home and see Adam crushing a food challenge in HD. Dish Network offers the most HD in the industry so its great. You can see when he really hits his limit and starts sweating it out, like he starts to think maybe I can't finish this. He is a champ though and always powers through and has only let a few challenges beat him.

  3. As a former Brooklyn-ite I am so glad I came across this. We don't get the recent episodes of Man vs. Food here in Bogotá, Colombia. But seeing this just reminds me of all the wonderful times we would trek out to eat a thick crust slice and eat tons and tons of spumoni. Man, I've got to buy a ticket back to NY just to satisfy my L&B need.