Friday, March 19, 2010

Think Outside the Box- Lunch Box That Is!

Bringing lunch to work, it's a known penny saver and easy way to trim on spending. However, I know a lot of people who look forward to ordering lunch. Yes, I said it! You know it's true, that excitement of ordering something exotic off the menu- a grilled portabella panini on Ciabatta bread with herbed goat cheese and lemon aioli. Doesn't that sound delish,like a mini lunchtime vacay!The working man deserves some excitment after all.Yes, take-out like everything else is good in moderation. Although, I do remind you, nothing beats home made.
So, I ask you this.. be creative with your cupboard. Put a new spin on some old classics- invent a recipe! Or better yet take the easy way out and read my blog for new ideas! I'm taking something as simple as canned tuna and dressing it up by accessorizing w/ tons of fresh avocado, capri tomatoes, parsley, kalmata olives, lemon, lime and a spash of e.v.o.o.Be warned,if you plan on taking this glamourous salad to lunch be sure to store it safely or it may get eaten by a co-worker in the office fridge!

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