Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bachelor's Kitchen- Supermarket Steal- Morey's Wild Alaskan Salmon

Hey guys, Bachelor's Kitchen Tuesday's are back! Have I found a perfect product for the single guy with style. For under $2.50 you can enjoy the most delicious wild alasakan seasoned grilled salmon, yup $2.50. Morey's Wild Alaskan Salmon sold at Costco for $14.74 (6 servings) is delicous,nutritous and cheap! Really, I mean it's hard to find pizza for under $2.50 a slice in NYC. All you have to do is open one of the individually wrapped peices of salmon and pop into your toaster oven, cook 10 minutes and you're done. Looking to do the perfect dinner date at your place and don't know what to serve- problem solved! Serve salmon alongside rice pilaf (Near East puts out a great pilaf) or open up one of those Dole Salad Express packages the possibilites are endless! Showcased above is Morey's Wild Alaskan Salmon served on a bed of Tomato and Red Lentil couscous (total cost of dish- $3.00)! Umm try finding that on Dollar Menu!

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