Wednesday, January 12, 2011

American Burger RockVille Centre -Long Island, NY

People put this address is you navigation!!!!
American Burger
326 Sunrise Highway # A

Rockville Centre, NY 11570
(516) 766-2227

I just had lunch at American Burger in Rockville Center- home of the 7oz burger! Let me tell you- this is one serious burger joint! It's a small, how do you say- hole in the wall, dive, kind of place -which of course are the BEST kind! There is a burger from each state on the menu, I indulged in the Mississippi Burger,it's packed with with cheddar, mushrooms and onions!! OMG it was heavenly! They start with US Grade Prime beef which is perfectly seasones and topped with melty cheddar, (tons and I mean tons) of grilled mushrooms and onions!!! My friend ordered the Indiana burger- which is topped with Virgina ham, smothered with cheddar and grilled onions- HOMERUN!

Now I rarely blog about a place without a picture of the meal but today I left my camera home and this place was just so fantastic - I just had to go ahed and let ya'll know!! This is one BANGIN' Buger- go grab a bite!!!

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