Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jersey Shore

(MTV photo)
It's Thursday Night and I'm counting down to this week's episode of Jersey Shore on MTV. Get ready for T-shirt time and 60 mintues of some good trash tv. A couple of questions I have about Season 3 are: Is Sammi really goin home? Do sparks fly between J-Wow & Ron? What's the deal with new girl Deena? I can't wait for the answers to unfold!
Jersey Shore airs at 10pm so that's a long time since dinner, while watching my favorite show I have been inspired to create the perfect boardwalk bite. What to eat while watching Snooki discuss her latest guido gorilla juicehead crush- well nothing says guido like a sausage and peppers hero. If you're looking to get Sitch's 6 pack I say ditch the hoagie roll and just plate it up sans the bread.

2 lbs of pork sausage sliced
1lb of red peppers sliced
1lb of yellow peppers
 1lb of greens peppers sliced
1-2 large onions sliced
Preheat oven o 375 degrees
Roast the sausage in oven on a broiler pan, till half way cooked  (25 minutes)
Remove sausage from broiler pan and slice
Add sausage, peppers and onions to a roasting pan continue to roast until sausage is cooked through and peppers and onion s are soft. (30 minutes)


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