Saturday, January 15, 2011

Roasted Chilean Sea Bass, $20 per lb and worth every bite!

There are some things in life that will always be worth their price- diamonds, gold, a brand new Cadillac, roses on Valentines Day and Chilean Sea Bass. Chilean Sea Bass by me, is selling on average anywhere from ($19.99-27.99 per lb retail), ouch! In all honesty, they can charge it because I am more than willing to pay it. Chilean Sea Bass is like no other fish
 a) its not fishy at all
 b) it's has a heavenly buttery bliss flavor
 c) it's almost impossible to overcook.

Seriously, this is the perfect fish for the beginner cook because it is so rich and flavorful, very user friendly. The fish has a magnificent taste all on it's own therefore requires minimal seasoning. It's super rich, so it stands up well to high heat and doesn't easily fall apart. Another plus, a delicious aroma will fill kitchen while it's roasting, no stinky fishy smell here.

What's important to know when cooking this type of fish, be sure the pan is super hot and the fish super dry, pat it down with paper towels before seasoning to absorb all the moisture or you will never achieve the gorgeous golden crisp picture above. All that golden goodness is what creates the magical taste everyone loves. I truly believe this fish will win over any crowd, even those who hate fish! Trust me, my brother does not like fish but always agrees to try my food at least once- he took one bite and was like "omg this is insane" and continued to eat the whole piece (his & mine)! I tell you I get more enjoyment from watching people eat and love my food than I do than from anything else. Here's my recipe for the Roasted Chilean Sea Bass pictured above, I hope you enjoy:
Fresh Chilean Sea Bass 6-8oz , pat dry (the piece picture above is 1 1/4 over $25)
Salt, Pepper and a dash of Paprika
1 screaming hot pan
1 tbsp oil
Preheat ove to 425 degrees
Heat saute pan, add in oil
Place fish in saute pan, allow to cook 5 minutes
Place in oven until cooked through.

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