Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Applebee's Sheepshead Bay

Just the other night my fiance and I were looking to get out, have some drinks, good food and most importantly stay local. Local for us means South Brooklyn, where I reside and so we figured Applebee's Sheepshead Bay- at least they have parking! Seriously people, parking is hard to come by in Brooklyn so for all those up and coming restaurateurs before choosing a location in BK think about this- how's the parking? It has more of an effect than you might first think.

 Now my first thought is Applebee's? I've been to the Flatbush Avenue location and truthfully have yet to have a good experience there. The food was so bad my coworkers and I now call it "Crapplebee's"!

 Let me tell you, the Sheepshead Bay Applebee's located at 2505 Emmons Avenue is a whole different story! Expect a wait, it has a great location with a view of the bay so yes it is very packed. The food was surprisingly delicious I'd say better than delicious it was great!. I ordered the Sampler Trio and picked the following three appetizers: Wonton Chicken Tacos, Steak Quesadillas and my all time favorite Spinach Artichoke Dip with Tortilla Chips.

The Wonton Tacos- they were so cute! A crispy fried wonton folded in half and shaped like a taco then filled with chicken marinated in lime and cilantro- my personal favorite flavor combo.
The Steak Quesadillas- soft, cheesy quesadillas, filled with seasoned steak that was buttery and delightful. We order our quesdillas without onions (my fiance hates onions) and they were just as tasty.

The Spinach Artichoke Dip- my past experience with Applebee's spinach artichoke dip was having it taste super salty, kinda of runny and lacking true artichoke flavor. This time the dip was just right- extra creamy, nice pieces of artichoke and chopped spinach for a cheesy, melty dip that holds up perfectly to the the crispy tortilla.

The Cowboy Burger: A manly sized burger topped with crispy onions, melted white cheese, apple smoked bacon and topped with BBQ sauce for a rustic burger that packs bang for your buck.

Applebee's Sheepshead Bay I got nothing but good things to say!!!

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