Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bridal Registry Tips from a Chef's Point of View

I'm a Chef and Bride-to Be so I'd like to share with you my tips for setting up a perfect registry. There's a few questions to ask yourself before registering:

1. What's my lifestyle? Are you a dinner party diva, casual cook, gadget girl or paper plate chick.
2. How big is your living space- are we talking urban or suburban?

Next split your list into two:
 Things to Die For & Things You Would Die Without

Things To Die For
  1. Le Creuset Cookware trust me these super expensive enameled cast iron cookware are a die for. They're gorgeous to look at even more gorgeous to cook in. Trust me you're not going to spend $350.00 on a dutch oven anytime soon, this is the time to ask- so put it on the list!
  2. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer - I  mean the pro line stainless steel version, don't go scanning the cheap plastic model- you can buy that one yourself! Go all out, I have the stainless steel version and it is so durable I would never waste my money on a plastic type that could crack. I use this machine very often from cakes, to cookies to whip cream- this machine makes my life easy, it's worth every penny
  3. Waterford- anything and everything Waterford you can find. Picture yourself at your perfect dinner party with your friends going " I love your glasses" and you replying  "Thank you they're Waterford". You just scanned it didn't you!
Things You'd Die Without
  1. Coffeemaker- I don't know about you but I'd die without coffee, so make sure it's on there.
  2. Laundry items, go ahead register for the nice wicker hamper and pull out ironing board, these items will get more use than you think.
  3. Bedding- we already know fabulous things happen in the bedroom so start out your new life together with a gorgeous bedding set and don't worry about messing the sheets up that's the point!
  4. Casual Dinnerware- I just received the Color Wave by Noritake dinner ware set. The sales woman at Bed Bath and Beyond totally sold me on this dinnerware set. I registered for the Graphite color and I am so happy with my choice. the dishes are pretty much unbreakable and make for a gorgeous table scape. Yes, scan away!
I had registered at two places Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond. Here's my experience:

Macy's Bridal Registry- In all Macy's is a great place to register. You receive 5% back on all items purchased from your registry and 10% on all Macy's card purchases you make from the time your register until your big day! It's very easy to return items and most registry items go on sale, your guests will love you for this!

The downside, a lot of items I registered for online were not available in stores but they do offer free shipping most of the time so it's really not a big deal! Save yourself some time, just register at Macys!

Bed Bath and Beyond- why did I even bother registering here? They pissed me off, the price went up on many of my registry items! I called customer service and was like what the hell man? lucky for me I saved my original print out, called customer service and they were willing to match the price for any of my guests who came n with the original registry print out. That really wouldn't help all my guests, how would they know the price went up?

Most of all enjoy this time registering is the fun part washing the pots and pans you registered is not! Hey that's what husnad's are for!

 Chef Jen DePalma for all your fabulous cooking needs!

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