Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coconut Ciroc

It's early March and although spring is right around the corner today's NYC temperature high  is only 40 degrees while I'm writing this post it's only about 32! Over the weekend I came across a new and exciting flavored vodka from Diddy's brand Ciroc- Coconut Ciroc. It smells more like a bottle of Hawaiin Tropic tanning oil than vodka! The taste is sensational.

I'm pretty excited about all the new flavored vodkas hitting the market.  Diddy's Coconut Ciroc is off the hook! There's no other way of describing it other than a Hawaiian getaway in a bottle. Personally I take mine on the rocks- no mixers here. I'm fantasizing what an excellent martini this could make say some coconut vodka, pineapple juice and a touch of coconut milk - now doesn't that sound tempting!! Have you tried Coconut Ciroq and how are you mixing it up?

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