Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Emerilware 10" Square Grill Pan Review

I just received the Emerilware Grill Pan as a gift for my bridal shower. What a wonderful gift it is! As you can see from the picture at left the grill pan has an adequate amount of space, I have four 6 ounce portions of filet mignon searing up with no problem!

Although this pan is pre-seasoned the manufacturer All-Clad recommends seasoning the pan again before each use Cast Iron Cookware Care & Use. Don't expect magic the first time you cook in this pan. It's going to take some time to break in the pan and it may seem like a pain to keep seasoning the pan but this baby should last you a life time. The heavy weight and size of the pan also causes it to take longer to heat up. Be sure to give it enough time to get hot otherwise you will be steaming instead of grilling your food.

It's going to take some getting used to with this pan. Honestly last night's filet mignons did not come out as great as I'd hoped for. The pan needs to be broken in and next time I'm going to let it get even hotter. My steaks tuned out a little rubbery so I know the pan should be hotter next time.Yes chefs dishes don't always turn out great either!

You may be asking yourself what is all this "seasoning" b.s.? It's like this cast iron was one of the original non-stick cooking surfaces. By heating the pan and wiping it with oil, you "build" a natural non stick pan. actually over time the flavors from the foods being cooked in the pan get absorbed into the iron and hep future  dishes to actually taste better too. Not to mention you food also absorbs the iron also making whatever is being cooked in the pan more nutrient rich.  The pan is sold at Macy's. What are your thought on cooking in cast iron?

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