Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kawaii- 2706 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11229

I'm always on a search for some good take-out. Avenue U is loaded with tiny little eateries but few worth mentioning. Now it's no coincidence I stumbled upon Kawaii located 2706 Avenue U Brooklyn, New York 11229, it happens to be the very same address which once belonged to my restaurant the Power Grill. Although we occupied the space for quite a few years I have yet too see a restaurant last there more than 6 months.

Although Kawaii looks like it may closing from the outside ( I have no idea hat happened to their sign), don't be fooled. Kawaii has totally renovated the space and I must say it has a very nice cozy decor. The staff are always accommodating. The food has been consistently good, makes for a good neighborhood spot.The portion size on the rolls is fair  and run between $3.50-$10.00 per roll. I was glad to find Kawaii scored an A on their latest Food Inspection. A few of my favorites sushi rolls are:

The Bay Ridge Roll- spicy tuna with crunch topped with fresh avocado
The Bay Ridge Roll

The Pacific Roll- seaweed salad w/ avocado inside and topped with fresh salmon (yummy)-

Pacific Roll

The Fantastic Roll- shrimp tempura with spicy tuna, avocado & white seaweed (it's fantastic)

Fantastic Roll  priced at $8.50

The Mind Eraser-  shrimp tempura topped with avocado and caviar.

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