Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine Cupcakes

Thomas the Tank Engine my little nephew is totally obsessed with everything Thomas. He has every Thomas Train, Thomas Backpack, Thomas DVD's and not to mention every Thomas Toy (omg are they expensive). Naturally for his birthday this year, he wanted a Thomas the Tank Cake. Being my chef instincts kicked in or maybe one too many episodes of Cake Boss, I decided I wanted to bring this train cake to life. I could have went for the very simple & safe look- red and blue cupckaes with a Thomas cupcke pick  inside. I don't do "safe", I do spectacular- so instead I decide to bake up individual trains and create a mini train yard scene.

Let's be very cclear here, I was not going for the master pastry chef look here, this cake for my little nephew has what I like to call the DIY feel not my favorite choice but you have to remember the audience you are tryig to reach. In this case I'mm trying to please a demanding bunch of 3-5 year olds so I'm going for whimsical, happy cheery. This cake just screams Party Train!

To start, I purchased the William and Sonoma Railway Train Cake Pan for $36.00. Yes, it's pricey but it really does last, just a bit of a pan to clean- nothing comes without great sacrifice!  Next, comes the Wilton Ready to Use Icing. Let me tell you it is so worth it to buy these little ready to use icing cnas. First off, they make perfectly tight little ribbons and with cut decorating time in half! A couple of spoons of M&M Minis, which are perfect for filling up the "freight trains". Then to really push the Thomas theme, I wrapped the cake board in Thomas the Tank wrapping paper, placed all of the "cake trains" on it. My little nephew was floored! He just could not get over his Thomas the Tank Birthday Cake.
Chef Jen DePalma here, making the world a happier place one meal at a time!

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