Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Warm Couscous Salad with Kamlata Olives, Scallions & Herbs

No matter how much time you spend slaving over cooking the entree,isn't it always the side dish most people are excited about? At least for my fiance it is, he always winds up skipping the entree and filling up on the sides! To add an element of surprise to my dinner parties, I like playing around with couscous. Couscous is a teeny tiny bulgar wheat that cooks up in 5  minutes!!! Yes, 5 minutes. It takes more time to chop up the ingredients to put into the couscous than it does to cook it.

There is an endless variety of ways to prepare couscous. A recent favorite is my Warm Couscous Salad with Kalmata Olives, Scallions and Herbs. The salty brine of the olives paired with the mellow bite of a scallion and finished with a burst of fresh herbs makes for an exciting side dish, your family will love!

Jen DePalma's Warm Couscous Salad
3/4 cup of quick cooking couscous
1 cup of vegetable broth
2 tbsp of olive oil
1/2 cup of pitted & chopped kalmata olives
1/4 cup of chopped scallions
sprinkle of fresh herbs (parsley, tarragon, basil & mint)

Heat stock in saucepan
When Boiling add in couscous and oil, cover, remove from heat
Fluff with fork, Add olives, scallions & herbs
Serve with your fish or chicken- it's especially great with lamb

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