Friday, April 1, 2011

Bar Basque at the Eventi Hotel NYC- Dining Out

I'm out and about in NYC. My latest adventure is  Bar Basque at the Eventi Hotel in Chelsea. The Eventi Hotel opened in October 2010 and still a pretty well kept secret. Bar Basque located inside of Eventi and is brought to us by the famous  China Grill Management, well known for their posh restaurants and over the top decor. Bar Basque has a Spanish inspired menu hence "Basque" as in "Basque Country of Spain and France".

Bar Basque is the perfect back drop for girl's night or amazing date spot with their fabulous low key vibe. I must say this past  Friday night,  Bar Basque was not overly crowded and it was great to be out and not have to yell across the table so my friends could hear me. I loved the the white couches where you could just chill and have a cocktail, the place screams NYC and perfect if you're looking to make a great first impression on your date. Now let's get to the amazing food!

The Amuse Bouche
Black Truffle Creme- one bite of this dreamy goodness and you know it's going to be good night!

 Mushroom and Cheese Croquettes with a hint of black truffle butter - so satisfying
Fried Olives-  crispy briny beauty! Do Try!!

Truffles make everything taste good!

Now you MUST MUST MUST order this appetizer the Fried Stuffed Olives, my love for fried olives is equivalent to Snooki's love for for fried pickles!

Please order these on your visit!

I had the Golden Snapper with clams and parsley sauce - good but the snapper needed a bit more seasoning, so I'd say it's just good not great.

We then tried the Grilled Tuna with Bilbaina Style Piperade, which I preferred over the Snapper. The fish was well seasoned and the pipperade sauce very flavorful- a good choice

Grilled tuna w/ Bilbaina Piperade Sauce (a pepper sauce)-delish
Side Dish
As a side dish, I tried the Creamy Calasparra Rice- simply a great choice. Served family style definitely enough for two people.

I couldn't stop eating this!

Overall, Bar Basque is a great choice if you're looking for a hot spot with good food- make your rsvp tonight!

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