Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lunch- Bag it or Bring it?

We're six months into 2011, how many of your New Year's resolutions have you achieved? If you're anything like the other 73% of the population you either wanted to lose weight or try save money in 2011 or maybe even both. An easy to get to your goal is to bring lunch with you to work, it's way heathier than fast food but is it really way cheaper??

Here's the breakdown of a salad for Two:

Chicken (1.99 per lb) - cost of 12oz =            $1.49
Romaine Lettuce (3 for 1.99) cost of 1=         $  .69
Fresh Mozzarella (6.99 per lb) cost of 4oz =   $1.75
Ranch Salad Individual packs (.50 ea.)=          $1.00
Total for 2 salads =                                         $4.93
Total for Each Salad            $2.46

If you're a single person trying to bring lunch it may actually wind up costing you more money than buying it! If you're packing lunch for more than one the savings soar and you have to be a dumb dumb not to bag it. When you consider the time it takes to shop then chop and prepare the food plus if you don't eat the pound of chicken on sale for $1.99 it goes bad and you have to throw it out. Once you consider the waste it really doesn't turn out to be cheaper- to all my single friends who are buying lunch rock on!!

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