Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Perfect Pork Chops

Consider this my pork chop intervention- I have met too many people who have sworn off pork chops because they say " pork chops are tough, dry and nasty"! To that I say have you tried brining them? The usual response is "huh", bribing them? No silly, Brine, a sugar, salt  mixture which you soak the protein in to help break down the tough fibers of the meat.
Brining may seem complicated but really it's a few simple pantry items you have on hand and plenty of time! The longer the meat brines the more buttery it will become. I recommend brining for a minimum of 6 hours & 24 hours for maximum flavor. Yes, this is a plan ahead menu.

I would gladly post my recipe here but if I ever get to be contestant on The Next Foodnetwork Star I willl totally be making this recipe for the judges. Until then, follow me on Twitter or become a follower of NYC Cooks and I will email you Jen DePalma's Grilled Apple Smoked Pork Chop Recipe. Here's a preview:
Jen DePalma's Top Secret Apple Brine

Ready for the BBQ

Notice, the acid in the brine has slightly cooked the chops

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