Saturday, July 2, 2011

Angelina's -- Staten Island

Well I'm fresh in from my visit to Angelina's Ristorante and an interesting night it has been. As usual I was running late for my dinner reservations so I call  Angelina's Ristorante to change my 8pm rsvp to 8:45pm, ineveitably I still arrived around 9ish.

My first impression of  Angelina's Ristorante was "what a classy place". Set in what appears to be a colonial style home with a wrap around porch and amazing view of the water. Angelina's sweet impression did not last long once we were greeted by the anything but friendly hostess. We so kindly say we're here for our evening rsvp only to hear - "you're table is not ready so it'll be a while" in a less than pleasant tone -Ouch!! Luckily the bartender is a sweetheart and I can always use a drink and off to the bar we went. after 15 minutes of waiting I go back to the hostess to ask if my table is ready only to hear "No".   Let's move on from the terrible service because when we finally did a get a table we were seated at the cabanas.

The cabana seating at Angelina's Ristorante is very Miami/ South Beach like and absoultely beautiful on a warm summer night. The ambiance of the outdoor cabana seating is romantic and private, the indoor and porch seating is just the opposite - very loud , very crowded yet very fun.

The menu at Angelina's Ristorante is classical Italian. I sampled the baked clams and shrimp oreganatta duo- cooked properly, very tasty but nothing out of the ordinary. Then I went to try the chef's evening  special - stuffed zucchini blossoms with fresh herbs and mozzarella- fantastic. You can tell the zucchini blossoms are handled with love, so delicate, so flavorful and just perfect. To my delight the blossoms are lightly pan fried, I hate when restaurants bread and deep fry gentle blossoms -too harsh for such a gentle flower.

 All around I'd say I love the ambiance of Angelina's and the food is pretty good. Now if they could just polish up the service it'd be worth recommending.

Bread Basket with caponata

Baked  clams & shrimp oregenata duo

Cabana Seating


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