Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chef Jennifer DePalma on Rocco's Dinner Party

Tonight's the big night, I will be competing on Bravo TV's new show  Rocco's Dinner Party. Tune in to see which of the three chef-testants comes out on top !! My lips are sealed but here are a few previews to keep you on your seat!

 Roccos Dinner Party Season 1 - Drinking on the Job - Video - Bravo TV Official Site


  1. Hey!! Congratulations on the win!!! That's huge!!
    Rita (from khs)

  2. Alexandra MerejoJuly 6, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    Congrats!!! I love your energy and confidence!

    I wish you much continued success!

    Stay Blessed! Stay Great!


  3. Love the episode - you smoked that cocky pretentious foodie! Love Rocco -Met him years ago at a Bridal Show with Mama - He is such a fabulous addition to Bravo.

    Would love to make your winning dish and the coconut vodka cocktail!

    Best of luck!

  4. Hi Jen,

    I really want to make changes on my diet. I grew up in PR eating fried foods, pork, and junk with lots of seasonning, like sazon goya, sofrito etc. How can I substite to natural ingredients, what real spices and herbs can I use. I want to loose weight too.. BTW, loved you energy in Rocco's show

  5. Amy, cooking healthy is delicious and ez! Use brown rice instead of white, bake your plantains instead of frying, opt for leaner cuts of meat such as the pork tenderloin I used on Rocco's Dinner Party, marinate in citrus and fresh herbs and try grilling the pork instead of deep frying.

    I hear spicy dishes rev up your metabolism so add a dash of cayenne pepper to do the trick. Remember exercise is key so dance around the kitchen while your cooking - that should bring you closer to your weightloss goals in no time!! Keep me posted on your diet success!!