Friday, July 8, 2011

Jen DePalma's Catering - Tips and Tidbits

Easy Entertaining is that an oxy moron?? Truly throwing a dinner party is not as simple as it seems but a I have a few simple tips and tidbits I'll be sharing with you on NYC Cooks that will help step up your style. One simple and easy thing you can do is get yourself some nice serve ware. What a difference nice serving platters make when dressing up your dining room. This is something you may want to do over time on or to think about when on your next vacation. Instead of buying a souvenir t-shirt you'll never use opt for handmade serve ware that will double as a conservation piece the next time you have company over.

Take a look at my simple spread of cheese and olives, don't they just dazzle on the frosted glass plate! These plates can be purchased for $39.99 through Jen DePalma's Catering, just email me at and I'll send you over a paypal invoice- we ship next day!


  1. Hi Jen!

    I LOVED it when you beat the cockey chef's ass on Rocco's Dinner Party. Congradulations!

    I think you're a great chef. I'm also a female pastry chef who is tired of these cockey male chefs who think women can't work in the kitchen.

    P.S. I've done a lot of prepping for catered events and am available for kitchen assistance if you ever need it.


  2. Girl Power Vivian!! email e your contact info I'm always looking for an extra set of skilled hands for my catering company

  3. Glad you won. I am also a caterer and I had you picked as the winner from the beginning.

  4. Good food brings people together. Finger food is best suited for all occasions, it is light and people love eating it. Keep posting!