Thursday, August 25, 2011

Braising Short Ribs

Recently, Jen DePalma's Catering has been receiving requests for short ribs. Short Ribs the most succulent, tender piece of beef you may have ever tried- when cooked right. My first thought was "it's too messy for an elegant dinner party", my second thought was  "it's absolutely delicious". I've worked with short ribs many times before, I have a tried and true plating method for this classic bistro dish.

Short ribs are a labor of love, mine are done over a 2 day process. First a hot marinade is poured over the seared beef  then once cooled they are left to macerate overnight, only to be braised the following day. Have you ever been to someone home while there is a braise in the oven? Sorry, Yankee Candle my braised short ribs may just put you out of business.  Take a sneak peek at my secret recipe:

Lil' beauties

So it begins

18 minutes later

Amazing Braising

2 days later and worth it!

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