Thursday, January 24, 2013

Homemade Focaccia Bread

Simple to spectacular, my culinary point of view. I find the most well received meals are made with the simplest ingredients.  The temperature is in the teens today, it is 13 degrees outside. What better reason to stay indoors and get to work in the kitchen. This freezing day is perfect for baking fresh focaccia bread and a big pot of lentil soup to serve alongside it.

Fresh focaccia bread is so simple to make and the possibilities are endless.The recipe is a bit time consuming because the dough has to proof - proofing is when the time it takes for dough to rise. You actually don't have to do anything , the dough just sits there so you can go about your business, it's that easy. I really like adding roasted garlic to my dough mixture it makes for a flavorful note throughout the baked bread. Todays I'm adding balsamic glazed onions and parmesean cheese for toppings. My house already smells amazing and my bread has only been baking for 10 minutes.For a copy of my Homemade Focaccia recipe email me Chef Jen DePalma at

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