Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Poached Chicken Pasta Salad with Warm Dijon Vinaigrette

I'm always looking to put new spins on old faves. Tonight I just do not feel like running to the market before I get home. Super Storm Saturn is supposed to hit I'm sure the supermarket is just crazy right now. Since Sandy, New Yorkers really panic when a storm hit and the market and gas stations are the first places they hit to get last minute goods.Instead,  I will be scrummaging through my pantries and putting together a meal. When I came up with Poached Chicken and Pasta Salad with Warm Dijon Vinaigrette.
I love making dressings from scratch and my homemade dijon vinaigrette is one to brag about. I like using apple cider vinegar, good quality dijon and Garlic Infused extra virgin olive oil. I whisk together my warm dressing and set aside. Next I poach chicken breasts which I  toss with the warm vinaigrette and cooked pasta. Add in a few pantry staples like black  olives and chickpeas a little feta cheese for flavor and fresh herbs for good season.

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