Monday, June 10, 2013

Carmine's Restaurant, Atlantic City Best Meatballs Ever

Meatballs at Carmine's or what was left!
I'm Italian, I know a good meatball. Never have I ever in my life eaten a meatball better than my grandmother's- until Saturday. Until Saturday, I have never in my life ordered meatballs in a restaurant, I refused to, my grandmother's couldn't be beat. Saturday, while visiting Atlantic City, my family and I had the pleasure of dining at Carmine's Restaurant located inside The Tropicana. We started with ordering the meatballs off the appetizer menu. These are no appetizer size meatballs, they are huge and there's plenty of them. There were six to be exact but not a single bite was left on the plate. The meatballs were absolutely amazing, everything a true authentic meatball should be- soft when you cut into it but not mushy, flavorful, mouthwatering and the sauce the are simmered in is full bodied and fantastic. All you need is a bib and a good piece of crusty bread, which if you ask the waitstaff a few times they will eventually bring out. The service at Carmine's AC  is nothing to brag about. The food makes up for it, everything we ordered was delicious- penne vodka, chicken francese and sauteed spinach.  Dishes are served family style and you really do need a big Italian family to eat it, the platters are huge, really huge. The menu says platters feed 4-6 people I say more like 10 people seriously. So make sure you go with a group or not and have plenty of leftovers win/win! Carmine's is my new favorite place to eat in Atlantic City and once you give it a try I'm sure it will be yours too! I found the recipe online for Carmine's Meatballs but a fellow diner told me he tried the recipe at home but it didn't come out the same maybe you will have better luck!
Carmine's Recipe Link

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