Saturday, July 20, 2013

Homemade Chicken Parmigiana

Hi Friends, this heatwave has not kept me out of the kitchen even though the barometer has been hitting 100 degrees almost everyday this week! I'm turning out my homemade chicken parmigiana. It's authentic, homey, flavorful &familiar. My secret, lots of Parmesan cheese in the chicken cutlet egg batter! First I fry up a batch of delicious chicken cutlets using Italian breadcrumbs. Next I smother them in homemade marinara sauce perfumed with tons of basil & parsley from my garden. It's topped with fresh mozzarella and even more Parmesan cheese. Then covered with foil & popped into a 375 degrees oven until the cheese is melty & bubbly. Enjoy in Cheer & Good Company!

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